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Understanding Gulf of Mexico Access From Your Home: direct vs indirect

Marco Island & Isles Of Capri feature many waterfront options

If you are shopping for a home on a canal in Southwest Florida, you probably have heard your realtor talk about a certain home or lot having “indirect” or “direct” access to the Gulf of Mexico. What does that mean to you, and how important is it?

The Difference Is Huge

For this exercise we will use Marco Island, which has both direct and indirect access lots to the Gulf. Direct access means you can access the Gulf without having to go under bridges, while with indirect access property you will have to go beneath a bridge to access open water.

Direct access is quite straightforward – meaning you can essentially take a boat of any dimension from your lot straight to open water without any cause for major concern.

Meanwhile with indirect access, there are varying bridge heights you need to be aware of before you make your way to the Gulf of Mexico.

As one might expect, direct Gulf of Mexico access property is usually valued higher than indirect access.

Indirect access is okay for many

It becomes important when working with waterfront property to know, if you do have to cross under bridges, how high they are because that will dictate the type of boat you can have. Add in the varying water heights due to tidal conditions and understandably this can get a little confusing.

On Marco Island, indirect access canals have bridge clearances ranging from only 3 feet to over 14 feet! So, as you can see, not all indirect access is the same.

Note the different colors of blue on this map, denoting indirect vs direct Gulf of Mexico access.

Click For High-Res Water Direct/Indirect Map

It helps to turn to an expert

If you are a boater, location is critical. Let Keller Williams Marco Island help you. Local expert Jared Heil will show you the options that will fit your needs for Gulf of Mexico access.

Bridge Heights On Marco Island:

Courtesy City of Marco

1. 030207 N. Collier over Clam Bay26.903.0026.903.00
2. 34112 Caxambas Ct. over Roberts Bay33.4010.5032.8010.35
3. 34113 (W) Winterberry Dr. over Smokehouse Creek33.4010.4733.3010.45
4. 036003 (E) Winterberry Dr. over Roberts Bay38.610.6438.610.64
5. 36002 Barfield Dr. over Marco River Inlet26.1710.3426.1710.34
6. 34116 Goldenrod Ave. over Smokehouse24.303.0724.003.07
7. 34117 Kendall Dr. over Clam Bay28.2510.1228.3510.11
8. 34118 Hernando Dr. over Clam Bay33.3010.4134.9011.01
9. 34119 Blackmore Dr. over Clam Bay31.003.4930.703.49
10. 34120 Kendall Dr. over Collier Bay33.459.9333.309.84
11. 34126 Sandhill St. over Tidal Canal27.1510.2527.1510.25
12. 34127 South Seas Ct. over Tidal Canal26.003.4425.953.44
13. 36004 Southbound Collier Blvd. over Smokehouse BayHerbert Savage Bridge60.0014.3060.1014.36
36005 Northbound Collier Blvd over Smokehouse BayHerbert Savage Bridge58.5014.4458.5014.40
14. 036001 N. Barfield over Factory Bay43.009.3043.009.30

For Naples:

  • Gordon Pass bridge height clearance is 10.5’ at high tide and 12.5’ at low tide.
  • Park Shore Dr bridge height clearance is 18’.
  • Harbour Dr bridge height clearance is 11’.
  • Bluebill Ave bridge height clearance is 19’.