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For Sellers

Expert-level marketing for your property? It’s worth it.

Today’s home buyers are online. Over 90% of them, to be exact. And while many of them use Zillow to find their home, the sheer number of homes listed on that site can make it hard for YOURS to stand out!

How do I make my home stand out?

I have so many ideas to share with you!

aerial photography targeted ads HD video tours custom web pages

How about some targeted Facebook advertising? Today’s technology allows pinpoint marketing: folks who are looking for homes like yours from thousands of miles away WILL see it!

Let’s show your home off with high quality video and photos that are easy to find on all online real estate platforms and our social media channels (with thousands of followers from all over the country). Add video of the interior and exterior of the unit, include water views, get it professionally edited, and you will have a masterpiece that shows just how special your location and home really are.

Theseare just a couple ideas, tailored specifically to your property! We have more… call for details!

But are you really going to do it differently?
All REALTORS have the same tools, right?!

Yep! All these tools are in the workshop for any REALTOR to use. But technology is advancing. How homes get sold is modernizing. How folks find your home is adjusting. Today’s REALTOR has to be a modern marketing pro to differentiate your home from everyone else’s, and deliverit straight to the eyes of those looking for it.

What’s your experience? Are you REALLY a marketing pro?

In 2018 alone, I have promoted millions of dollars of real estate with targeted advertising on Facebook and other internet platforms. I’m also a former TV news personality with extensive training on howto stand out in a crowd. Now, I’ve brought this skill-set to Southwest Florida’s luxury home market. Let’s talk about how I can put what I know about properly marketing a home to work for you. Our team is ready to help you today.